ICCA’s Long-Range Research Initiative is an extension of Responsible Care® and is designed to improve the quality of chemical safety assessments.

A Global Program Addressing Key Issues in Chemical Management

The innovative research program of the International Council of Chemical Associations’ Long-Range Research Initiative (ICCA-LRI) is designed to improve the quality of chemical safety assessments. Although societal and political drivers vary around the world, the three regional LRI programs in Europe, the United States and Japan identify common scientific topic areas that industry regards as important to form the core of the global ICCA-LRI program. Through the ICCA, the independently managed LRI research programs support complementary areas of scientific investigation.

LRI Global Research Strategy

LRI is focused on improving our understanding of potential health and environmental risks and catalyzing advanced approaches for the scientific assessment of the safety of chemicals. The ICCA LRI Global Research Strategy highlights the program’s activities in the three priority areas. Much of this investment in research is leveraged through collaborations with publicly funded projects.

Pioneering 21st century chemical safety determination technologies.
Expanding understanding of environmental and human exposures.
Developing dosimetry and biological pathway methods that strengthen the scientific foundations of risk assessment.

LRI Principles

The following principles are the basis of the LRI program and ensure that the funded research meets the highest quality standards.

The best research proposals and most-qualified scientists will be selected for funding.
Research will be conducted openly and the results will be publicly available.
Potential conflicts of interest will be rigorously evaluated.
Research will address the potential health and environmental impacts of chemicals.

The ICCA-LRI Research Portfolio

The three LRI regional programs (ACC-LRI, Cefic-LRI and JCIA-LRI) each support research projects within the priority research areas. These priority areas, which by design are interrelated and interdisciplinary, provide an overall structure for the global LRI program. However, the specific projects funded within these areas can vary from region to region and from year to year depending on industry priorities, financial resources, and other drivers. More detailed information on each research project can be found by accessing the ICCA-LRI Research Portfolio, a searchable database that includes project descriptions from all three regions and links.

accessing the Access the ICCA-LRI Research Portfolio

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