Energy & Environment

Eastman Video: Heat Mirror® insulating glass

What if your glass can insulate like a wall to make your living space more comfortable? What if that same glass can also help reduce energy costs, maintain a quieter internal environment and protect furnishings from UV-rays? Heat Mirror® insulating glass makes it possible. This innovative technology has been used around the world in structures […]

ICCA Video: Key contribution to the climate change challenge

At the UN Climate Summit in September 2014, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called for the private sector to drive more action and mobilize political will for a meaningful agreement in 2015. We in the chemical industry have a major role to play since we can provide solutions in many areas such as building climate-smart […]

ICCA Video: Chemistry and the Low Carbon Economy

The world faces a great challenge: providing energy for 7 billion people. The chemistry industry is helping to overcome this challenge with innovative products and operational efficiency – insulation materials in buildings, energy-saving light bulbs and plastic packaging, just to name a few.

DuPont Video: Progress in Advanced Biotechnology

DuPont drives progress in advanced biotechnology by developing innovative bioscience solutions that reduce energy usage while improving performance. DuPont created an enzyme featured in Tide Cold Water laundry detergent that enables cold water washing with no sacrifice to performance, saving up to 80% of the energy used to do a load of laundry.

BASF Video: Durable waterproofing solutions for a sustainable water cycle

A sustainable water cycle is key for our environment. It requires waterproofing for dams, reservoirs, clean water and waste water treatment plants, industrial waterproofing from roof to foundations including process water basins and storage tanks, secondary containment in- and outdoors, storm water reservoirs, irrigation channels, bio-digestors as well as food and beverage tanks.

AkzoNobel Video: Paint that cleans itself

How long a paint can last is one of the key parameters in measuring its environmental impact. Adding colloidal silica to paint enhances its self-cleaning properties and makes it last longer — up to 16 years, in fact, which is 25 percent longer than a standard product.

Solvay Video: Amni Soul Eco: perfect harmony between fashion and the environment


Have you ever heard of “smart yarns”? Amni Soul Eco is the first biodegradable polyamide fiber in the world. Developed by Rhodia, the Brazilian branch of Solvay, we the fiber is estimated to biodegrade 100% in the landfill environment after 28 months.

Sasol Video: Sasol building sustainable housing with eco-friendly building materials


Sasol is creating environmentally friendly living spaces by building houses with eco-friendly building materials. These materials are made from the waste product left after burning coal – a fly ash and patent polymer mixture. The houses build in Cosmo City, South Africa are faster to build, just as strong as bricks and cement and cleaner […]

3M Video: 3M technology in solar energy generation

3M film technology helps to reduce the overall cost per watt of solar energy while at the same time protecting against UV damage and weathering. In the future, 3M clever film technologies will allow flexible solar panels to be placed wherever they are needed.

3M Video: 3M extends useful life of Wind Turbine Blades

3M wind protection tapes and coatings can significantly reduce, and in some cases eliminate, leading edge erosion on wind turbine blades. They help extend the useful life of turbine blades in even the harshest environments, enhance reliability and improve performance.