Energy & Environment

Ecolab Video: Adding Resourcefulness to the Equation

Ecolab is committed to delivering innovative, sustainable solutions that help achieve cleaner, safer and healthier surroundings in the most cost-effective manner. The company improves safety, conserves resources and reduces waste with the goal of keeping people safe, lowering the total cost of operations and reducing environmental impact.

Braskem Video: Green Plastic

I’m greenTM Polyethylene is a plastic produced from ethanol sugarcane, a renewable raw material, but can retain the same properties, performance and application versatility of polyethylene from oil or natural gas. I’m greenTM Polyethylene captures and fixes CO2 from the atmosphere during its production, helping to reduce greenhouse gases emissions.

Arkema Video” Kynar® PVDF for more reliable batteries

Kynar® PVDF is a thermoplastic used in lithium-ion batteries. This fluorinated polymer acts as a stabilizer to charge batteries more rapidly and increase their performance in durability and power.

Bayer Video: CARE for Crops and Bees

Bayer CropScience’s CARE program is aimed at supporting the ongoing collaboration between growers and beekeepers and the critical role they both play in feeding a growing planet and being good stewards of the environment.

Cefic Video: SPiCE³ : first stop shop for EU chemical company looking for resources on Energy Efficiency

The Sectoral Platform in Chemicals for Energy Efficiency Excellence (SPiCE³), co-funded by the European Commission, aims to boost energy efficiency across the European chemical industry, particularly in small- and medium-sized companies. It is mostly these companies that hold a substantial untapped energy management potential, estimated at 10-15%.

3M Video: 3M energy

From reducing greenhouse gas emissions to powering grid monitors, 3M Science is helping build a more sustainable future in renewable resources.

Shell Video: Mount Broadwood Conservation Area

Celebrating Canada’s 125th birthday in 1992, Shell donated over 22,100 acres of land to the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) to establish the Mount Broadwood Conservation Area. Shell has reinvested in the area, helping to conserve the property for future generations.

Dow Chemical Video: Structural Bonding in modern lightweight vehicle design

BETAMATE™ structural adhesive is enabling the development of lighter weight vehicles around the world. BETAMATE™ has already contributed to an estimated 2.65 billion gallons of gasoline savings, which also brings 23 billion kilograms of carbon dioxide reductions. BETAMATE™ structural adhesives were named a silver winner by the 2015 Edison Awards.