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Solvay Video: Solvay products on board Solar Impulse

Solvay provides 15 innovative products applied in more than 6,000 parts that help harvest and store energy, optimize fuel consumption and lightweight the Solar Impulse plane. Moreover, it supplies the structural adhesives and pre-impregnated fibres used to build the wing spars and rear stabilizer parts, also of the first Solar Impulse.

BASF Ultrafiltration Membrane for Water Treatment

Bright sunshine, a cloudless sky: beautifully sunny weather draws millions of holidaymakers to the island of Cyprus every year. Nevertheless, the hot, dry climate brings difficulties of its own. Water is a scarce commodity in Cyprus and the country is seeking sustainable solutions to address the problem. The BASF subsidiary inge® manufactures ultrafiltration membranes for […]

The Power of Clean Water | P&G #PowerofClean

P&G brands have been in the business of cleaning for 178 years. More than a decade ago, P&G scientists developed a powdered cleaning technology that transforms dirty water into clean drinking water. The non-profit P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program shares the power of clean water with children and families around the world. For each […]

Eastman Video: Little packages of happiness (HydroPack)


It’s called the HydroPack™ – a paper-thin pouch that overnight can turn dirty water into a flavored, healthy drink. Developed by Hydration Technology Innovations (HTI), the HydroPack™ uses a membrane made from Eastman cellulose acetate that is the heart of HTI’s proprietary Forward Osmosis technology. In the hands of children following a disaster such as […]

Dow Chemical Video: Flexible Packaging Solutions for Food


With busy lifestyles and a growing urban population comes an increase in demand for food that is fresh, healthy, and convenient. Increasing food production efficiency and addressing waste has become a major priority, and Dow is committed to developing innovative flexible packaging solutions that address these challenges.

AkzoNobel Video: Paint that keeps you cool


In some parts of the world, temperatures above 40 degree Celsius in the summer are common. That means even a thick-walled building will heat up like an oven, and air conditioners work overtime. AkzoNobel Decorative Paints has developed exterior wall paints that reflect more infrared light to reduce heat absorption and reduce energy consumption.

AkzoNobel Video: Making cities more human


Rapid population growth is putting big demands on our cities. That’s why AkzoNobel has launched its Human Cities initiative – to help urban areas become more inspiring, energizing and vibrant for people across the world.

Solvay Video: Amni Soul Eco: perfect harmony between fashion and the environment


Have you ever heard of “smart yarns”? Amni Soul Eco is the first biodegradable polyamide fiber in the world. Developed by Rhodia, the Brazilian branch of Solvay, we the fiber is estimated to biodegrade 100% in the landfill environment after 28 months.

Sasol Video: Sasol building sustainable housing with eco-friendly building materials


Sasol is creating environmentally friendly living spaces by building houses with eco-friendly building materials. These materials are made from the waste product left after burning coal – a fly ash and patent polymer mixture. The houses build in Cosmo City, South Africa are faster to build, just as strong as bricks and cement and cleaner […]