Greatest Hits

DuPont Video: Economic Growth in Africa – “The Continental Shift”


Africa faces a host of unique and daunting challenges. DuPont is working with others to help find life-changing, science-based solutions that will enhance economic growth in Africa.

DuPont Video: Adding Value to Turkey’s Exports – “Port of Opportunity”


DuPont is helping increase Turkey’s competitiveness on the global stage through scientific innovation. Companies like PMS Medikal, Teklas and Merko are collaborating with DuPont and adding value to Turkey’s exports with enhancements to their products and solutions.

ExxonMobil Video: Our safety journey


“Nobody gets hurt” is not a slogan. It’s something ExxonMobil absolutely believes. In collaboration with other industry leaders, ExxonMobil is working to improve its understanding of ways to prevent fatalities and life-altering injuries more effectively.