Sustainable Cities

Lubrizol Video: Being Essential

Lubrizol got its start by making performance additives for the automotive industry. Today, it has become an essential part of practically every facet of modern life. See how Lubrizol starts small—at the molecular level—to make a big difference in solutions for the transportation, industrial and consumer markets.

Arkema Video: Arkema’s solutions to meet the challenges of tomorrow

Lighter materials, water treatment, electronics, materials for energy and biosourced materials are all issues that require innovative solutions. Arkema places innovation and sustainable development at the heart of its R&D operations to address tomorrow’s challenges, and play its part in an ever-changing world.

LANXESS Video: LANXESS and the Megatrends

The world is changing. The growing world population will need more food, energy, housing and mobility. Innovative products from LANXESS can help meet the challenges of the urban future.

LANXESS Video: Green Mobility

An increasing level of global mobility requires new, sustainable solutions. As a technological leader in the field of specialty chemicals, LANXESS develops applications that enable “Green Mobility”.

Huntsman Video: Innovative solutions for society

Global megatrends and human population growth are predicted to put increasing pressures on food, drinking water and energy supplies. From advanced transportation, aerospace and building materials to products that promote cleaner air and energy conservation, Huntsman is developing innovative solutions for society.

Praxair Video: Global Applications

Praxair doesn’t like to waste — not money, not time and definitely not energy. That’s why everything the company does is focused on helping others do business more effectively. Praxair offer a full range of atmospheric, process, industrial and specialty gases, and it tailors supply systems to get them to customers safely and efficiently. The […]