Responsible Care

Our Unified Vision: The Revised Responsible Care Global Charter

More than 300 ICCA member chemical companies around the world have signed the revised Responsible Care Global Charter, including 80 percent of the largest 102 global chemical companies, as a show of our industry’s unified commitment to safe chemicals management.

In 2015, we updated and strengthened the Global Charter to address ongoing stakeholder expectations and evolving challenges, to enable industry to speak with a common voice about its global commitments.

The enhanced Global Charter includes more stringent process safety and facility security requirements, specific measures to advance sustainability, expand economic opportunity and improve use of resources, and expanded commitment to developing solutions to address societal challenges.

The Responsible Care Journey under SAICM

Since we first began the SAICM journey in 2006, we’ve expanded the […]

Expertise in Action: ICCA’s Product Stewardship Pioneers Circumnavigate the Globe for Sound Chemicals Management

If you haven’t had a chance to attend one of the 172 capacity building workshops across 46 countries ICCA sponsored over the past decade, it may be difficult to picture exactly what we mean by collaborating for safer worldwide chemicals management and driving performance excellence around the world. If so, this collection of photos from our colleagues in Japan and Southeast Asia should help illustrate what Expertise in Action looks like.

(Keep in mind – we’ve also sponsored workshops in Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Europe!)

To maintain our forward momentum toward reaching the SAICM 2020 goal, we must continue to invest our resources, time and expertise in areas where the greatest progress can be made. ICCA members believe our […]